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Since the founding of the WUAA, Chairman of the Malaysia International Business Promotion Association has visited the Secretariat quite a few times, and the two sides have carried out fruitful discussions. On June 28, 2017, the Council for Malaysia-China Trade Promotion and Malaysia General Council of Fruit Growers jointly organized a bilateral trade promotion delegation to China. The delegation paid a visit to China Good Agro-Products Development and Service Association on June 29, 2017. The delegation held deep discussion on promotion of the fruit trade and exchanges. The Malaysian side was looking for new opportunities to increase fruit export to China, while the Chinese side promised to work closely with the former in the above regard. During the meeting, representative of China Association of Customs Inspection and Quarantine promised to provide assistance in Customs inspection and quarantine.

Both sides reached the agreement that Malaysian side was to coordinate with the Malaysian government in terms of fruit export to China, while the Chinese side was to work with the Chinese authorities in the same regard. In addition, the two sides agreed that the bilateral cooperation should not only cover areas of fruit and vegetables, but also including technological cooperation, industrial cooperation, fruit processing, storage and transportation, machines and equipment, fruit planting technology, personnel and experts exchanges, etc.

In the area of personnel and expert exchanges, Malaysia hosted the Malaysian SME Forum on July 28, 2017, with the theme of "Innovation and Creativity, Building New Business Opportunities". Dr. Liu Youfa, Secretary General of the WUAA, attended the forum at head of a team and gave a speech entitled "Impact of Maritime Silk Road Construction on Malaysia SMEs and Policy Proposals". During the forum, Dr. Liu Youfa and his team took a field trip to the local durian orchards to find out the feasibility to promote the durian trade between Malaysia and China.

Meanwhile, over the outgoing year, Mr. S?awomir Majman, Rotation Chairman of the WUAA visited the Secretariat of the WUAA and held discussion on the revision of the Association charter. The WUAA sent an agricultural and animal husbandry delegation from Inner Mongolia to visit Japan for a field study. On March 27, 2017, Inspector General of the Bureau for Development from South Australia visited China. China Good Agro-products Development and Service Association sent film crew to Spain to shoot a grand documentary film, etc.

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